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Memberships come in a variety of  packages including a weekly package consisting of 7 days and a monthly one which consists of 30 days  of membership. All membership packages will receive access to the following.

  • Daily horse racing ratings covering flat turf, national hunt & all-weather racing scheduled to race in  the UK and Ireland.

  • Horse systems when a selection is available. ( Currently 5 systems running ) 

  • The well loved uniquely designed football module covering all of Europe's biggest leagues and more. ( available when seasons start )

  • Members forum

  • Chat Box  

  • Live support

The horse racing ratings & any selected system bets for the following day will go live between 6-9 the night before .


  • 7 Day Membership £5 ( £0.71 a day )

  • 30 Day Memberships £15 ( £0.50 a day )

  • 90 Day Membership £40 ( £0.44 a day )

To become a member visit the shop and select the membership package you'd like to purchase. Once you have purchased your membership signup to the website with the same email address you purchased your membership with and select a password. This will send a request to the server to be approved.

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